About Us

Nordic Traction Group (NTG) is a market-leading European manufacturer of traction chains and tracks, mainly for forestry and agricultural machinery.

The company has manufacturing and sales in two locations: tyre chains in Loimaa, Finland; and bogie tracks in Dumfries, Scotland. In addition to this, NTG has sales companies in Sweden and Russia.

Products are distributed in over 30 countries. Worldwide trademarks are OFA and NordChain for tyre chains and Clark Tracks for bogie tracks. NordChain is the new brand name for the products previously manufactured under Gunnebo Industries.

Production plants of Nordic Traction Group have always been trailblazers when it comes to developing new applications for traction products. Continuous development work generates first-class traction chains and tracks for professional use.

In the background there is a long tradition and experience in the branch. The Loimaa factory is the only plant that manufactures traction chains from steel wire rod to finished product in Scandinavia. It has produced chains since 1903, but the factory started manufacturing fastening products at the same site 130 years ago.

Bogie tracks production in Dumfries began some 28 years ago and during that time it has built a strong reputation for delivering high quality products around the world.

NTG has an extensive international network of distributors and dealers. It is able to offer the widest product range of tyre chain and track models for almost every application – the right product for every use. Products are available for all tyre sizes of common CTL-machines and skidders. Within the past few years, the company has launched several new products or improvements on existing ones.

NTG developed the U-Grip tyre chain model in Norway but the design is now available under the OFA brand.