Clark Tracks

Clark Tracks specialize in developing and manufacturing forest machine tracks to suit almost all Cut-to-Length machines and Skidders. We supply tracks in various sizes and designs to suit virtually all terrain, all climates and all machine types. From tracks for climbing to tracks with extreme flotation our range is huge. We have the strongest link system on the market and we tailor the tracks to the customers needs.

As a manufacturer of forest machinery tracks for over 30 years, we have built a strong reputation for delivering high quality products to the largest forestry machinery manufacturers around the world.

NordChain is the new leading brand for traction chains. With chains like Megastud, Superstud and Piggelin Flex you can see that they are the well-known “Gunnebo-chains” that have changed their name to NordChain.
With the new name we want to highlight our Nordic roots with product development and management in Sweden and production in Finland. Both countries, Europe’s biggest markets for traction chains.

Our new symbol shows what our chains do – give machines the traction to move forward.

OFA specializes in the manufacture of tire traction chains. Traditional chains for tough use with excellent grip and long lifetime. OFA forest chains are well known around the world.

OFA traction chains ensure excellent grip and tire protection for forest machines, tractors, trucks and construction machines. OFA chains are known for being easy to mount and good tire fit.

Tellefsdal Kjetting is a brand based on 80 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of non-skid chains for all purposes.

Tellefsdal Kjetting is a name that represents tradition and quality, and a name that commits. Our customers should be confident that they are getting the best quality chains – based on experience and knowledge built up over many years.

We are seen as a market oriented and innovative company with the customer in focus. We were first with the light weight chain that we call NorTractor. Tellefsdal U-Grip is one of the best forestry chains available. We also have our Quatro program for tractors that offers a great and safe performance.

GripX is our newest chain brand.  GripX chains are manufactured in China according to the quality standards of Nordic Traction Group. The assortment covers the market’s most competitive snow chains for forestry, agriculture, snow cleaning, ATV, 4WD and transport.