Production of traction chains in Loimaa, Finland

Nordic Traction is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of traction chains for forestry machines, tractors and trucks. The factory is located near Turku in Finland and the factory has been manufacturing chain products since 1903 and traction chains since 1930’s. Nordic Traction’s chains are made of a specially developed Nordic micro alloy case hardened boron steel in diameters up to 22 mm.

Based on individual design specifications, the chains are cut, assembled and welded to the required type and size. Finally, the chains are case hardened for several hours at 900 degrees C in special controlled ovens. During this process, extra carbon atoms are added which results in a chain surface that is extremely hard and durable. Suitable chains sizes for many different applications for all present and past tyre sizes can be found in our selection.

The long tradition “Made in Finland” quality and ISO 9001 certified quality management system make sure Nordic Traction Chain have a long lifetime even in extreme conditions.

Production of bogie tracks in Dumfries, Scotland

Clark Tracks is a leader in tracks for Forest Machine applications. The combination of superior steel and forgings, flexible and efficient production processes, skilled and dedicated staff and the knowledge of metallurgy and welding all combine to ensure a high quality, durable and bespoke product can be made to meet our customers’ expectations.

Only the best materials, sourced from European steel mills and forges, are utilised in the production of Clark Tracks. Boron alloy steels are specially rolled for Clark Tracks, for example TXL profile, Terra85 and 95 profile, etc. The track steel is cut to size, heated to a precise temperature, formed in a hydraulic press and finally quenched using a controlled water system, to achieve a tough and durable track plate. Additional heat treatments are used to improve the mechanical properties of the various track components. Track links undergo a similar process. A team of highly skilled welders then assemble the various components into the correct length to suit the customers’ specifications, using high quality, heat treated forgings, also made from the same grade of Boron alloy steel as the track plates and links.

Clark Tracks staff are highly skilled in our production process and this allows for great flexibility in the design and specification of tracks. Simply by amending the work order, our customers can add customisation and our skilled staff will interpret these instructions and build bespoke tracks exactly as the customer requires.

Before shipping, a number of quality checks are performed on the track to verify the geometry and hardness values of the components in each track. These records provide full traceability of the tracks and the components used.